NSL to Antelope Island Perm – 122 km

This permanent is 122 km. It is a very flat ride. The one challenge is navigating the suburban route if you are unfamiliar with some of the roads and bike paths. Nothing tricky, you just need to be aware. You’ll need $3 to cross the Davis County Tollway to Antelope Island by bicycle. There is no cost for the park as far as I know. I usually buy a candy bar in the Visitor Center, snap a picture or two and head out on my way.

To sign up for any of my permanents, please email me. The preferred way to do this is for you to fill out the paperwork (download here) and send to me a couple weeks in advance (snail mail or email is fine, I just need to see an actual signature). I can then email you the cue sheet and perm card. I can accommodate shorter time frames assuming I am in town. I can see the start from my house, so I just meet you at the start a few minutes beforehand and we handle all paperwork there. One of these days, I will blow through my alarm clock on a Saturday morning. After the ride you can either drop off your card and receipts at my house or mail them to me. There is no cost to do the Perm. If you want your card mailed to you after the calendar year you will need to provide a self addressed envelope with a stamp. Not providing this to me is consent for me to destroy your perm card(s) after the first of the year.


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