Paris-Brest-Paris, a cycling event that has taken place since 1891, is one of the oldest cycling events still ongoing worldwide.  The “1200 km” event is held every four years.  Riders begin their ride in a Parisian suburb, “St Quentin-en-Yvelines,” (south a few miles of Versailles) and travel west to the city of Brest in Brittany.  While the oddity of the Brittons and their French is a little difficult to deal with, the ride is beautiful consisting mainly of rolling hills.  The most difficult part of the ride being about 100 miles in (and about 100 miles from the Finish) near and around Mortagne au Perche (at least for me).

Riders have anywhere from 80-90 hours (their choice) of a continuous clock to finish the ride.  This means eating, sleeping, any mechanical issues etc all need to be taken care of during this time period.  While this all may sound brutal and not like a lot of fun, I find the experience to be rewarding.  My first (and only) PBP was in 2011, where in my hotel room post-ride I had swore off any future randonneuring events.  I now look forward to PBP 2015.


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