Randonneuring is all about long distance endurance rides. Notice the word rides, and not races. While they are timed events, no award is given to the first person to finish. I could dribble on and on about it, but this guy is one smart dude!

Thanks to my supportive wife, I am able to take the time and participate in randonneuring events. I used roll with the Houston Randonneurs.

In 2011, I logged over 3000 km with RUSA.  I participated with 6 different clubs (although I may not have finished all of them) and started Brevets in 4 different states (Texas, Utah, Wisconsin and Arizona).  I also completed two 1200km or Grand Randonee rides, The Texas Rando Stampede and Paris-Brest-Paris.

In 2012, with a newborn child, I completed a 200km ride with the Salt Lake Randos, a few rides of my own Permanent, and I focused a lot of my time with my family (hey honey, we need a tandem and trailer).

In 2013, to quote Barack Obama, “it will be more of the same.”  My main focus was spending time with my family.  We acquired a bike trailer and a DaVinci tandem, but most of the Rando rides will be populaires.


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