The Stable

In order of age:

Holdsworth Record (being built up) – this bike was given to me by my gracious uncle.  He purchased the bike in 70’s in London.  For some reason, he bought a 60cm frame, despite only being 5′ something.  I’m 6’2″ and expressed interest in the machine and the bike was given to me (Thanks Uncle Jan!).  The headset, while it could most likely be used, had some rust.   The spokes on the wheels are rusted.  The current plan is to replace the headset and have new wheels built up with the original hubs, replacing the old rims with Mavic A319.  In October, I purchased a shimano DH-3N80 dynamo hub.  I plan to move this wheel to the Holdsworth, so in essence, I am really only having one wheel built up.  Schwalbe Marathon plus will be the tire of choice.  The headlamp will be a B+M Lumotec CYO IQ and battery operated taillights.  Also to be added are Nitto moustache bars with Nitto stem and shellac’d cloth tape.  I plan to keep the original 5 speed nouvo record components.  A tubus rack will be added to the rear so I can carry my panniers to and from work and eventually there are plans for something like a VO porteur rack.  And of course, some type of sweet looking fenders.  Considering I only have the front wheel, the frame, handlebars and stem, there is a lot of work to be done!  This will be my main commuter bike when it is finished.

’95 or ’96 Schwinn Le Tour – I just asked my father when we bought this bike, and we came up with around ’95 or ’96.  My family had a nasty habit of doing RAGBRAI’s, so when I was 13 or 14, my father bought me this bike.  It is my current workhorse.  I commute on it and use it for randonneuring.  The frame is small for me, and I recently put new handlebars on (Nitto noodle bar) and a Nitto technomic stem.  This has made a world of difference.  I also had DT shifting, and with the new handlebars, added bar end shifting, which has been a change I am warming up to.  I spin 700cx23 Schwalbe Durano Plus tires and the original back wheel (this causes some worry, but I don’t loose sleep over it).  I have my shimano DH-3N80 and B+M lumotec CYO IQ headlamp currently installed on this bike.  This bike has sentimental value, so I have no idea what I will do with it once my other bike projects are complete.

’06 Schwinn Cruiser – I bought this bike in the Marigny of New Orleans at BicycleMichael’s.  My job had just moved back to New Orleans and I was again too cheap frugal to pay for parking at work.  So, I rode my bike through the French Quarter every day.  When I moved to Algier’s Point, I continued to ride this cruiser (and the ferry) to work.  When the Le Tour was brought down to me by my father, it had no pedals.  So, I commuted on this bike in Houston for a while.  Finally, I bought some pedals for the Le Tour and now my wife occasionally rides the cruiser.

’11 Circle A – This is my randonneuring rig. It was built by Chris Bull of Circle A Cycles. The build features a True Temper platinum OX steel and Sachs’ Nuovo Richie lugs. Component wise, it sports a mashup of parts. Everything that would make a retro grouch wet their wool and cringe – Ultegra GS RD, Tiagra FD, Velo Orange Cranks, Tektro brakes, Lumotec CYO IQ light, Schmidt SON28 Dynamo front hub, Ultegra rear hub, Mavic Open Pro Ceramic rims, Grand Bois Cypres Tires, Nitto M15 low rider rack, Bagman QR Sport, Nitto 48cm Randonneur handlebars, Nitto Tecnomic Stem, Nitto seat post.

IMG_0412’11 Motobecane 400HT – This is my main commuting/utility bicycle.  I wanted something that wasn’t too flashy (read: have bike thieves disgusted by my bicycle), sturdy and worry free in terms of getting banged up.  The Aluminum is great for winter riding and worry free in terms of corrosion.  I have made some upgrades/additions – Topeak Explorer rear rack, Sram i-light dynamo laced to a Sun CR-18 rim, SKS fenders, Lumotec CYO IQ light, Luxy handlebars, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Campagnolo Veloce 10 spd Ergos (brake levers/shifters).


2 responses to “The Stable

  1. Wow, the randonneuring rig is just a piece of artwork! I love it. Love old school machinery.
    The Schwinn Le Tour is kick-buut as well. I have a steel Le Tour, that I loaned to my cousin (hope to get it back someday!) I don’t the year but it is probably arly 90’s as well. Steel is Real!

  2. You commented on a post of mine, a while back, about a problem I was having with a loose spoke. I know you’re an experienced wheel builder so I’ve come asking for help… That wheel with the loose spoke has become an issue – it turns out, it wasn’t just one loose spoke, they’re ALL subject to loosening up and now it’s tough to keep the wheel true (I trued it on Saturday evening and had a loose spoke on mile 40 of a 100 miler yesterday that required attention). Is this something lock-tite will fix or am I pretty much pooched?

    Thanks, Jim

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