Houston Commute

While I no longer live in Houston, I have preserved the details of my commute from the Heights area to Downtown Houston for posterity.

I live around the wonderful area of the Heights, northwest of Downtown. I work in downtown Houston. I ride my bike year round to and from work. In 2011, I plan for my commuting mileage to be about 2000 miles. Relatively mellow compared to the hardcores in the pacific northwest and my old home state of Minnesota.

I welcome anyone to join me on the way to or from work. Just leave a comment here, or email me and let me know. We can meet at 14th & Heights Blvd if inbound or somewhere near Clay & Smith if Outbound. My work hours are fairly flexible, but I am usually passing Sunny’s on 14th & Heights around 6:30 to 7 am.

I primarily have two routes I take to work (and the first half is the same). I have one route which I take home.

My primary route inbound, and the one I take 90% of the time is basically to follow Heights Blvd down to Dallas St and into downtown. This route is relatively safe with most, if not all, of the route on official City of Houston bike routes (e.g. they put up signs that say “bike route” or “share the road.”) The most dangerous part, in my mind, is crossing what I have dubbed the “Memorial Death Crack” (MDC).

On more “sportier” days, I ride down Heights Blvd, hang a Louie on Washington and then a right on Smith once I am in downtown. This is usually reserved for the days where I get an earlier start (around 6 am), as I have to cross three lanes of traffic on Smith to hang a Louie on Clay. This is usually a sprint (at least in my book) and I spin at about 23-25 mph down Smith to keep up with the flow of traffic better (and you don’t get stopped at any lights).

My ride home leaves downtown via Dallas St, and then I head north on Waugh (Heights Blvd). Can’t wait for the new whole foods to be done!!


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