Not only a wannabe francophone, but also a cyclist enthusiast.  I been cycling since I was 11 years old, when I completed RAGBRAI XXII on a schwinn crisscross.

Throughout my teenage years, spandex became very unpopular with the girls.  At least I thought it did.  I hit a lull with the cycling and focused my efforts on what every good 16 and 17 year old boy should–girls schoolwork.  By this time my family had relocated from Minnesota to Arizona.  Mountain bikes were purchased, and I used them very little.

While I shamefully admit to living and attending college in Colorado for 4 years and doing very little cycling, I can proudly report that I got my fair share of skiing in.

I was gathered back into cycling when I returned to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  I acquired my cruiser and I loved to commute to and from work.  I took a rotational job which afforded me half the year off and I became a SPIN (yes Johnny, you got my money so I will use your brand) instructor.  I returned to Iowa to complete RAGBRAI XXXV in 2007.  6 months later, I was living in Utah (where I again confess very little cycling was done but a whole lot of skiing days were put in) and the best part, I was able to find my wife.

Work brought me back to Houston for 2.5 years. My wife and I were unhappy with the way were able to spend our time together in Houston (not outdoors).  I discovered randonneuring while living in Houston (I had to spend my time doing something) and I completed the Texas Rando Stampede and Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011.  In Houston, I commuted to and from work on my fixed gear Holdsworth, almost up until the day I moved away.

Since September 2011, my wife and I have lived in Salt Lake City, UT.  We live north of downtown Salt Lake in a neighboring county and it affords me a fair bicycle commute to my work downtown.  I am employed as an engineer.


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