Denim Tool Roll

On of the greatest ideas I’ve ever seen while helping another person change a flat is the idea of a “drop cloth.”  A roll of tools is pulled out, un-rolled and then you have a nice clean area to work with on the ground and things are psuedo-organized.  Grant over at Rivendell, I believe, was the last one to sell this idea, except he used canvas.  And I would have probably bought his canvas version, except I couldn’t find it on his website.  I guess I will have to buy his “stick shift” whenever it becomes available.

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 11.01.07 PMAnother win-win situation presented itself in the form of me having to shop for denim jeans.  Thanks goodness I recently sourced some $9 Levi jeans which helped to alleviate some of the pains of letting a nice pair of jeans get chopped up.


As you can tell, these bad boys have had some “city” miles put on them.  To me, the engine still runs and just like my car, I have yet to kick either to the curb.  My better half on the other hand let me know the jeans have to go, and that truck I’ve had my eye on for the last 10 years will still have to wait.  The good news is I still think I can put the jeans to good use through the summer.


Daisy Duke cutoffs aren’t really my thing, but it is suppose to get hot this summer.  And with my new found sewing skills, I might even add a chamois.

My mutter, years ago, taught me to sew.  Well, just the basics, like don’t let your finger get run over.  Enough to get me through this exercise.  I cut my nice piece of denim from a leg and turned in the edges so they weren’t fraying all over the place.  I used the bottom of the pant leg so one edge was already done.  Starch and a hot iron was all I needed, but I did have the sewing pins on hand just in case.

IMG_0005 After all the edges were “turned in,” I took the bottom 1/3, turned it up and then sewed compartments in.  I usually carry the following around with me.  I was using an old kitchen towel and everything was kind of a mess.  It worked, but it was also bulkly and tools were always falling out.

IMG_0006And the finished product…I dropped the spare tube from the kit.  This way I can transfer the tool kit from bike to bike and keep the tubes with each bike (different size wheels).  Technically the C-spanner isn’t needed for each bike, but it is pretty light.


The extra pocket on the right fits a tube, but it is a little bulky.  I’ll probably fit some M5 bolts, a couple zip ties and a little ziplock with some wet wipes (more for “on the road emergencies” than cleaning up grease).

My wife had a stretchy velcro strap, which admittedly works better than the tie I cut out from the pant leg (but my way is of course more stylish).



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