Chariot CX2

We’re still knee deep in the onboarding process for the newest version of me, sans a Y chromosome.  But, reproducing one’s self comes with some baggage – namely, how does one go about getting this new, and very cute, ball of joy down the road while riding a bike?

It was quite easy for the oldest reproduction de moi, we had a little trailer.  When we bought the trailer for our oldest child – who is now close to 30 months – we went back and forth if we needed a double or single.  Singles were easier to find and we didn’t know our future fate for more offspring.  We quickly landed on a used version of a single trailer (the “Cougar” line – please hold jokes about my wife being 5 years older than me) we bought off of a local Craigslist equivalent.  It even came with a pair of fancy sunglasses (we didn’t use the trailer for a while, and when we did a couple months later we found some fancy sunglasses in a pocket and had lost the guy’s contact information).

Well, getting 2 kids in a trailer made for 1 is a challenge.  Maybe if this was back in the day when momma used to hold the little baby in her arms and ride shotgun.  Those days are long gone, and now people need to keep their kids in some form of child seat until they graduate high school.  With regards to kids and bike trailers, we needed one with the proper restraints for 2 kids.

I typed in “Chariot CX2” in the search box for Craigslist and found 3 results that popped up.  One guy had his for sale for $450.  I quickly fired off an email to him.  And then I texted him just so he knew I was really desperate.  You know, I really like to take all my negotiating power away right off the bat.  Another lady had her’s for sale for $765 (the trailer alone retails for over $1000, then you need to buy all the doo-dads to make it roll down the road).  I emailed the lady about her trailer, said I was interested but would pay $450.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 10.04.06 PM

A few hours go by and I got nibbles on the hook.  The lady with the expensive trailer says she sold it over the weekend (take your ad down) and explains that the “cougar” line is more in line with my budget.  Thanks turd ball.  She also takes the time to point out that the “cougar” line is still an excellent trailer, but not as good as the CX line.  If we would have been face to face I probably would have slapped her, with the back of my hand.

I still had the other guy and we both agreed to have our wives meet as we were both traveling for work.  When the wives did finally get together, my wife was less than impressed with the condition of the trailer.  She called me at work and told me over the phone what it looked like – dirty, well used, the brake didn’t work etc.  In other words, not “good” condition.  There were no holes, so that was a good thing.

Since the guy wrote in the ad that he needed the garage space – which I translated to mean his wife was bustin’ his chops about the old trailer sitting in the garage – I told my wife to offer them $375.  The other wife called the other guy and came back in tears.  She said they would take it, but added in they paid over $900 for the trailer.

Either way, we got the trailer.  I was most concerned about the brake not working.  But, my wife set out to clean the thing up and my dad helped her with the brake.  The brakes ended up working like a charm and the trailer cleaned up great.  We could have probably turned around and sold the trailer for $550-$600.  I could be $200 richer, but still with the same problem as before, no way to get two kids down the road on my bike.



3 responses to “Chariot CX2

  1. I love that you’re setting a good example for them. So many parents say they can’t exercise because they have kids! Excuses excuses!
    They’re adorable and they’ll soon outgrow that trailer and be following along on their own bikes!

    • Hopefully they’ll love cycling. I grew up cycling (@ age 11 did a solo RAGBRAI). And I hope my youngest becomes a stoker starting next year!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • I tried to get my girls to love cycling but they were too worried about what their hair would look like when they took their helmet off! Now they’re 25 & 29 and, though they’re not into cycling, they totally support me in my yearly bike-a-thon.

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