Paris- Brest-Paris 2015 Pre-Registration

While the French are known for their rules, bureaucracy and lack of work ethic – that combination has proved to be a pain in understanding how the “pre-registration” process for PBP 2015 will go down.

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 9.38.50 PMJohn Lee Ellis, RBA for RMCC, recently wrote a blog post about how things will go down.  I spoke with John the other day and he indicated the French had let RUSA know the process will be very similar to 2011 – without the country quotas.  Still to be determined.

The question then becomes how “long” should I go this season.  I’ve set a goal for a Super-Randonneur series.  I have no doubt the completion of a SR series will get anyone who wants into PBP 2015.  I even think a 200k will do it; but I am not comfortable putting my 2015 hopes in the hands of a measly 200 kilometers.

Many people had their skirts blown up over the entire 2011 pre-registration process.  And we know the 2011 pre-registration became moot – as anyone who wanted could basically register for PBP 2011.  Theories exist why this was – the economy and the crappy year known as 2007.  I don’t pretend to know why the pre-registration process in 2011 became a non-issue; but it was just that – an onslaught of tizzies followed by the most anti-climatic, most hoped for drama that a registration process could offer up.

To answer the question of how “long” I’m going this year: 600k.  With a 2.5 year old and 5 month old at the house, I can’t justify putting in anymore time into long distance cycling.  The hope is, as John Lee Ellis points out, the series this year helps me next year.  I think it will.


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