Berthoud “Touring” Saddle

The ‘ol Brooks B17 which was handed down to me from my uncle started to squeak with each turn of the cranks. Upon further inspection, I found the seat rails to be a little rusted. The squeak was most definitely a function of my fat butt, I’m also sure the fact it has been ridden on since the mid 90’s has something to do with it as well.  Either way, she’s a good saddle.  And kind.  Very kind.  But the squeaking is annoying.

My nicely broken in B17

My nicely broken in B17

I’ve heard great things about the Berthoud Saddles.  Someone told me it was the “bee’s knees.”  Boulder Bicycle at one point said they no longer saw the need to carry Brooks saddles (although, they still sell Brooks) and also offers a 6 month satisfaction guarantee.  When I first saw the $200+ price tag 4 years ago I just turned my small Asian nose in another direction.  But I was now in need of a non-annoying saddle and was in the market.

I emailed Richard to see if the things ever went on sale and he pointed me in the direction of a coupon.  And then I waited two days…….

I put the saddle on and it was great between work and home (about 16 miles one way).  On my recent 200k the saddle was a bit “rough” the last 1/3 of the ride.  Since I’ve never really gone through the purchasing and breaking in of a leather saddle, this is all new to me.

IMG_0400 IMG_0401I’ve got some things to try for accelerating the break in process…..more on that later.

Last note – the leather on the Berthoud saddle seems top notch!  And a little thinner than Brooks B17….

What saddle do you ride and how long did it take you break it in?


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