“Share the Road” License Plates

My vehicle’s tags expired at the end of March, and in my passive aggressive approach to protesting the silly annual ritual of registering one’s vehicle, I procrastinated 10 days into the month.  [diatribe] I hate nothing more than having to take time off work to stand in ridiculous lines and pay money.  I get that roads just don’t make themselves, and that they cost money.  And I get that employees of the gubermints want evenings off just like me and you.  I still hate standing in lines to pay money. [/diatribe]

The silver lining in all this is I get to choose a license plate style.  The first time I moved to Colorado some 13 years ago, I was amazed at all the license plate options they had to offer up.

In Utah, I opted for a “Share the Road” plate which puts $25/year into a DOT fund for improving bikeways.  Unfortunately, vanity plates were limited to 5 characters and I could not for the life of me figure out how to get “Ancien” into that type of space.

sharetheroadWell, I no longer reside in Utah, so back to Colorado license plates.  The cannabis plate isn’t out yet, so I was back to my 2 other options of my alma mater or “Share the Road.”  My college has made some decisions lately which have made me upset and I’m sure they’ll sincerely miss my $75.  Take that old rich guys!

“Share the Road” however has done some good things – such as helping to allow bikes on the light rail and improving bikeways.  Also, they aren’t into the segregation thing, so all seems well there.  And they only wanted $25.  I think we found our winner!

Now I was confronted with Vanity or not?  What would be my vanity line – “ANCIEN” or “CAT 6”?  Could I stomach not having the little cyclist on the plate?  At the end of the day, I wanted to the cyclist guy on the plate which isn’t available in the vanity option.

share-the-road-blank-plate-670x-webAnd I would have gone with “CAT 6” in case you are curious.


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