DaVinci Maiden Voyage!

As odd this may sound, I’ve we’ve had in my our possession a $7000+ bike for almost a year and never ridden it.  Life, however, happened.  We ordered the tandem. My wife got pregnant.  Then the tandem came.  The order of the first 2 may have been reversed.  We’re not quite sure.  It’s not important.  C’est La Vie.

Regardless of how we got to where we are, we finally had an opportunity to break away and go for a ride.  It’s tough with 2 kiddos, especially when one is dependent on mama bear for nutrition.  But, we broke away for a few minutes and took the tandem for a spin.

We started out a bit rough.  My Our handlebars were wobbling all over the place – it was the speed wobbles all over again!  We pulled over and checked the wheels were properly in the dropouts.  Check.

Our second launch was just as hairy as the first.  This time the 4 couplers were blamed as we pulled over I checked over those.  All were tight.  We were now out of the neighborhood and faced with either getting on the “main” road or turning around.

We spotted a car around the bend and we let it pass, no more were on the horizon.  We shoved off taking up the whole lane, but we quickly got it straightened out and got more “right.”

Things were progressing and lining out.  Since DaVinci Tandems come with ICS, I had to let my wife know to try and pedal in sync with me as close as possible.  Of course, my “slow” cadence was too fast for her.

We swerved down the road and with each pedal stroke got smoother and smoother.  On the way back we even made the 180 degree turn and up the hill.  Another successful turn was made off the main road into our neighborhood.  And the icing on the cake, we made it up the hill to our house.

7.5 miles, 30 mins and we were able to successfully tack up the road.  Things are smoothing out.  My wife is working on her pedal stroke, but we know my steering is really the culprit. 😉


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