Shimergo – 1000’s of miles later.

I recently overhauled the handlebars on my commuter with a “drop” type bar, “road” disc brakes and campagnolo ergo “brifters” (on my shimano drivetrain).  Below are the series of posts covering this.

  1. What is Shimergo?
  2. Luxy Handlebars
  3. Avid BB7 Road Brakes
  4. Campagnolo Veloce 10 spd Powershift Ergos
  5. Final Thoughts – 1000 miles

Since my initial conversion, I’ve added 2 bikes with a shimergo setup.  That should just about sum up what I think about running Campy shifters with Shimano drivetrains.  Money was “saved,” street cred was given by the 1% of cyclists who understand this is possible and I’m a converted man to “Brifters.”

The Veloce on my commuter are great.  I wouldn’t change anything about them, and for the price, they get me where I need to be.  The shifting of the front derailleur is a little wonky sometimes, but I manage.  Every tool has a job – and for the price and use of my commuter, the Veloce is the correct tool.  For me.

The DaVinci Tandem sports Chorus – which has the QS Micro and shifts the front derailleur like a dream.  Of course, the DaVinci tandem has 4 front chain rings.  Boo-ya!  And the Chorus handles it just fine.  The DaVinci also has Shusterman’s modified Sram X9.  If you’re following along, that’s 36 gears!

The Circle A got “converted” from bar ends to Chorus as well.  I run a compact double up front and there are no issues there.  I love the ability to trim.  I run an 8spd out back, 11-32, with an Ultegra long cage (GS).  I hit all my gears, shifting is crisp and immediate.

Makes one wonder how they lived without it…

A quick note on Chorus QS shifters/brake levers.  You can save ~$100 (+/- depending on the day) buying from reputable dealers in the UK.  And that’s delivered to your door step.  We all know what I think about ordering from across the pond.  Let your conscious, or lack thereof, dictate what you do.


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