Shimergo Conversion – What is Shimergo?

I recently overhauled the handlebars on my commuter with a “drop” type bar, “road” disc brakes and campagnolo ergo “brifters” (on my shimano drivetrain).  Below are the series of posts covering this.

  1. What is Shimergo?
  2. Luxy Handlebars
  3. Avid BB7 Road Brakes
  4. Campagnolo Veloce 10 spd Powershift Ergos
  5. Final Thoughts – 1000 miles

Shimergo, sometimes referred to as shermeggnolo or campagnano, is the mixing of Campagnolo shifter/brake levers on a shimano drive train.  Usually the next thing people say is, “you can’t do that!”  To which I reply, “yes you can!”  Finally, they plead, “Why?!”  Here’s why….

  • Campy Ergo levers are significantly cheaper than Shimano STI.  The levers I bought ran $108 shipped to my front door.
  • Campy Ergos runs both cables under the bar tape.  Opposed to many Shimano STI levers which have a dorky cable coming out of the side of the lever.  As a service, Shimano allows only the most loyal and those with the deepest pockets to run both cables under the bar tape.  And this is a new feature.  Worshiping at the alter of the almighty Shimano requires frequent sacrifice of much paper with US historical figures, especially those in remembrance of the inventor of the lightning rod.
  • Campy Ergos can be rebuilt with parts that are widely available.
  • Shimano drive trains tend to be cheaper than Campy drive trains.  Chains, cassettes, derailleurs etc.  Thanks Sram!
  • Having a rear hub with a Shimano drive train allows easy swap between a different number of gear setups.  You can run just about any number of speeds on the back of a Shimano hub.
  • Shimano allows greater gear ranges since many cassettes are made for MTB’s.  So, if you are looking for lower gearing on the rear cassette and a road bar type setup, Shimano will have much lower gearing than campy.  E.g. you can buy an 11-32 cassette, which helps those who do touring, randonneuring and tandeming.

This conversion is a bit of a test for me.  While this work was done on my commuter bike, I would like to convert my rando bike to have “brifters.”  And my long awaited tandem will also have a Shimergo setup, so it is an opportunity for me to standardize all the bikes I ride on a regular basis – on both Campy and Shimano.


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