Rethinking the Pasela’s & Watching a Cyclist Biff It

I took off at 5:30 am Saturday morning to get in my 100k.  It was a little a chilly, especially riding down the hill, but I knew I would warm up once I reached the valley floor and actually needed to start pedaling.  About 3 miles in, I swear I heard the [pssst, pssst, pssst] you commonly hear when you get a good sized leak.  The bike was handling fine though, but I go over a little bump in the road and sure enough feel rim.  So, I got to change a flat in the dark.  Good thing I pulled this guy out before I put the “new” tube in.


In news revolving around flats, this is the FOURTH flat I’ve had on the Pasela’s in 17 DAYS and some 275 miles.  Last year, I had maybe 2 flats for the entire year.  Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the roads, maybe it’s karma.  Nonetheless, I would be happy without any.  But, since these are “tourguards,” I’ve come to the conclusion if I am going to have flats, it might as well be on tires that roll nice.  I’ll probably spring for the “Extra Léger” version.

Freds.  What else can I say?  They never seize to amaze me.  What I don’t get is how you can be content rolling along a certain pace, get passed and then speed up.  This is exactly what I witnessed today.  3 cyclists got on the bike path in front of me.  I let them establish their pace, and once it was too slow, I passed them.  About a mile later, here comes two of them flying by.  Of course, I was clipping 20+ mph at the time.  They get about 20 yards ahead of me and then slow down.  One looks back, at who knows what, and starts drifting left.  Once he realizes it, he over reacts and rides into the “ditch” on the right side of the path.  Then it looks like he does a cartwheel with his bike.  In normal Fredness, his buddy didn’t stop.  I asked if there was anything I could do and he gave me a thumbs up.  His pride was probably more hurt than anything.  Reason #834 not to ride in a pack with people you don’t know…

Other than that, it was a good ride.


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