When UTA Drivers See You


The real question about this picture is, how does one who never rides the bus find themselves in a precarious position of taking a picture of a bus driver with the bus door open and from this angle?  I guess you could assume old women with butch haircuts are attracted to me like a moth to a flame and she opened her door to whistle at me.  Or I like hunting Ellen Degeneres wannabes and I stood at the bus stop waiting for this bus driver to open the door so I could snap a shot of her.


I could have been riding my bicycle down the street and I came upon a stop light.  Even though the name implies you must stop, it doesn’t quite work that way.  If the light is green, you don’t actually have to stop.  In fact, there is this entire of hierarchy of who gets to go and who doesn’t.  For instance, if you have a green light and are making a right hand turn, those traveling in the opposite direction of you and wishing to make a left must yield to you.  And that’s exactly what happened, I signaled for a right and I saw Ms. Butch Bus Driver wanting to turn left.  And just before I made it to the intersection and start to carve out my turn, she decides to make her left – and then proceed across 2 lanes and the bike lane to make a bus stop.  When it comes to a bicycle colliding with a city bus, city bus wins 10 times out of 10.  Being a licensed engineer, I’d put my stamp on that without crunching any numbers.

So, I lock my brakes up and head into a skid for 15-20 feet.  My tires were a little underinflated and I could feel my rims against the pavement (ok, my tires needed air, but I could still ride on them no problem).  I think I’m going down the entire time, but I somehow manage not to eat dirt.  I roll around the bus and yell, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” to the bus driver.  I then pull over 20 – 30 feet ahead of the bus, out of the bike lane and in the shoulder.  My plan is not to get involved in a confrontation, rather to get my phone out to take a picture of the back of the bus because I have a hard time remembering all the numbers when my chamois is in a bunch.  With the picture I’d have the information I needed to complain to UTA.  Trust me, I’ve been through this before.

Of course, instead of the bus just rolling by and allowing me to snap a picture of the derrière, she stops to accost me.  She yells, “I saw you!  You need to be more careful!”  And then a man on the bus yells, “You were in the wrong, I’m a lawyer!”  I tell the bus driver I’m calling her in, snap the above picture and she tells me she doesn’t care as she drives off.

I guess the lawyer must be happy questions 15 year old girls answer at the DMV don’t appear on the bar exam.  Not to mention, 90% of the stupid kids I went to school with are now lawyers.  I don’t know what being a lawyer has to do with this situation.  If you have to throw in some irrelevant “credentials” to support your stupid assertions, you’re probably stretching the truth to begin with.  I should have yelled back, “I’m a Beekeeper!”  But my blood was boiling too much at this point.

To top things off, I catch up to the bus while they are at a red light and snap this picture of her handy driving once she gets rolling again.


Thank goodness that bike lane is there.

A complaint has been filed with UTA.  They’ll probably act like they care, but they won’t really do anything.  I really need a Contour camera.


3 responses to “When UTA Drivers See You

    • Fortunate for everyone involved that I somehow didn’t crash. I’d like to think it is my experience…but I’m chalking it up to luck.

      • I wouldn’t chalk it up to luck – you were paying attention and assuming that the driver didn’t see you. In the end it doesn’t matter whether you have the right of way or not, like you wrote in your post – you’ll lose. You did right.

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