Tired of Tires and March Snow

After a brutal January, and little better February, March is finally here (and yes, I rode every day I wasn’t out of town).  We had a radically nice week pass, and we are now into some kind of crummy weather.  While I love my Nokian Mount & Ground Tyres, they are like towing an anchor.  I was anxious to take my studded tires off and with it half-way through March, I figured any snow flurry wouldn’t stick to the roads.

20120102 - Skyline Dr_003In my indolence, I neglected to purchase any new slicks over the winter.  I hate throwing things away so my old Conti SportContact slicks were still bummin’ around the garage.  Over course, I knew I needed new ones because this is what they were looking like.


I slapped them on in hopes of them getting me on down the road while I ordered a new pair.  Of course, a shortcut across an open field (and full of goatheads) and some steel cords from tires on the side of the road left me burning through a couple of patch kits in a couple of days (I always patch if I can find the hole and have a bit of time, otherwise I end up with 30 tubes which need to be patched – well, I have about 30 tubes which need to be patched).

Luckily, my Panaracer Pasela’s (with tourguard) showed up yesterday.  At around $20/tire, I hope these get me around nice this summer.  1.25 inches looked a little bigger in my head somehow.  They’re a little skinnier than I would like, but should do.  And they certainly roll nice.


And of course, it snowed this morning.  Luckily, my theory was correct on the snow not sticking to the ground and the Pasela’s got me to work no problem.



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