How an egg got me “epic” footage

Way back when I used to live in Houston, I had some punk teenagers throwing crap at me. Police reports have been filed, but I was unable to remember the full 7 digits of the license plate. All I could remember is CD4 M86. While this would be acceptable if this was the old Texas license plate, that is not the case here. It is a new license plate, and it therefore has 7 wonderful characters, one of which I can’t remember. The Houston police have been very unhelpful in the matter, and I am sure they have bigger fish to fry. But, the dealer 2 blocks down was still slingin’ sacks today.

Nonetheless, these punk teenagers in a beige Cadillac DeVille threw things at me on two separate occasions on Heights Blvd while I was in the northbound bike lane. One incident was near 13th St, by the library, when an object was thrown at me striking me in my upper left arm (I’m sure they were aiming for my melon), resulting in bruising on my tricep. The other incident occurred one week later, on the same road, around the same time, with the same Caddy DeVille, but this time near the intersection of 7th St, by the park with the cool playground, when it felt like a bottle of water hit me in the back of the neck. It turns out they hit me with an egg.

Egg thrown at me by some Punk teenagers

While there are much more dangerous things than teenagers throwing eggs, it can cause serious injury to someone.  So, I spent $25 of my hard earned dollars for a spy camera, because if I was going down, I wanted to catch these punks.  I was having a hard time to remembering the license plate numbers, and I figured $25 to document my commute was worthwhile.

I was dumbfounded on how to mount the spy pen camera to my bicycle, so I figured I would just hook the camera onto a strap of my pannier, take a look at the video and iterate from there.  So, I hook the camera on my pannier and take off.  Below is a clip of my video.

I’m grateful the lady stopped.


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