Turkey Day Rollin’

In trying to keep my in-laws thinking I am crazy, I made the 19.1 mile trek up to our Thanksgiving day dinner via bicycle. I thought that maybe pedaling to the dinner would make me appreciate the days of the Pilgrims and Indians. Of course, I skipped right over my Hobby Horse and pulled the Circle A straight out of my bike quiver. I was able to reflect on my gratitude for being on a bicycle in nice weather, a bike path that doesn’t have a stop sign every 0.05 mile, and for seemingly once this year, having the wind at my back. While I really wanted to see the Lions beat the Packers, I’m glad I pedaled to the location of gluttonous dinner–with the result of the football game making me more happy in my decision.

My first trip down the Legacy Parkway trail was enjoyable, but with all the high tension power lines, it makes one wonder when they’ll get cancer (even though I don’t buy into the cancer from power lines theory). Alas, people need their juice.

In a totally psuedo unrelated topic, I have been using Strava to track my rides. I must say, I like the simplicity and that it does everything I need it to. The only thing I don’t like is it tracks “climbs,” which are sections along the route that the uber competetive contingent of Freds have marked to pull your time into their little competition, like it or not. My only fear about these “climbs” is I am going to get caught up in the competition with all these racing wannabes and I may end up “kitted out” one these days. I’ve secretly been watching Bonktown to pull the trigger on some team Radioshack gear.

Of course, I wouldn’t be so vain to suck it in, I’d just let my 700×40 tire hang out.


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