Grand Bois Tires – Roll Nice & Expensive

In a preivous post, I had mentioned my skepticism of the Grand Bois Cypres Tires.  Well, because of our cross-country move, I had forgotten to order some new tires for PBP.  In a pinch, I decided to use my old Grand Bois tires and rotate them.  I certainly was hoping I wouldn’t regret this. 

Well, I had only one flat, which was much better than expected.  So, to sum up my Grand Bois experience–about 2000 miles, 3 flats and $140.  With the amount of miles I did this year, that would be almost $420 per year in bicycle tires.  Of course, you can order a year’s worth and save some money. 

I think I will continue to search for better options.  Besides, I can buy a decent used hardtail mountain bike with that amount of money.


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