Update, and an enjoyable ride

Well, a lot has changed in my life lately. First off, on my normal commute route in Houston, TX I was hit by a car on July 25th. I walked away from the event after a trip to the hospital with just some bruised ribs. More on that in another post (psssttt…I have video). Second, my wife and I have relocated to wonderful Salt Lake City. Third, some 4 weeks after getting hit by a car, I completed Paris-Brest-Paris. More on that in another post–I assume if I wait a bit, I can sort out the boring bits.

While the bills are still coming in from Europe, I am generally enjoying life in SLC. We are still working on getting into a house, but life from one of Downtown Salt Lake’s Hotels has been OK. I’ve traded in my bicycle commute for a walk (~1.75 miles one way) and will be firing up the bicycle commute once we get settled into our new diggs. On a cycling note, I am not missing the flat land of Houston too much. Case in point, a picture from my ride Saturday.

Nothing like a quick 37 miles with 3400’+ of climbing. All accessible to me after work.


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