I’m going on tour, please send $$$

I’m loading up the Circle A and we are going to spend a couple of intimate nights in the Colorado Rockies together. And why would one do this you ask? For the hell of it. So, I will shamelessly join the ranks of bike tourers who go online and beg strangers for money so they can ride their bikes. When I’m on the other side of the fence reading about all these people riding bikes while I’m chained to my desk, nothing really makes me more upset. Like when I found these two girls who are trying to prove women can ride bikes by themselves.

But, don’t send them money, because all one has to do is spend 2 minutes on crazyguyonabike.com to find out there are people like this woman–who has not only toured as a woman, but toured as a woman by herself, in a foreign country. My bike touring cause is truly unique amongst tourers: it’s for the hell it. Who doesn’t want to support that?! To give you some motivation, I have set up some donor levels:

    $50 will get you into the “C’mon” level. You get nothing for such an indolent attempt at funding my bike tour.
    $100 will get you into the “Karger” level. I will send you a boilerplate email explaining what karger means in Hebrew.
    $500 will get you into the “Ciel” level. I will send you some captured air from somewhere along my tour in an unwashed pickle jar (this most likely will be taken at the start or the end, because who wants to carry unwashed pickle jars with them during a tour?).
    $1000 will get you into the “M” level. I will send you a picture of me on tour, clad in spandex, with my signature (done by my admin at work).

So, if you are interested, please leave a comment here on the blog with what level you are donating at and your email. I will send a paypal invoice to you. Begging for money on the interweb isn’t as bad or embarrassing as I thought it was. And to think, I thought all those people were making a fool of themselves…

And, just like those feminists, I too own a Brooks leather seat. And…my cause is much better and more unique: it’s for the hell of it.


2 responses to “I’m going on tour, please send $$$

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for linking to us! I just thought I’d point out Rachel’s blog post about women and bike touring in which she also points to several other inspiring women bike tourists who tour solo or without men: http://againstthegrind.com/2011/04/06/significant-two-women-part-2/ (she provides the links at the bottom)

    We know we’re not the first women to bike tour without men, nor are we making any claims that we are. However, one doesn’t have to spend long on Crazy Guy on a Bike to know that disproportionately MORE men bike tour than women. Period.

    We’re creating a film series about modern women’s rights issues in the US because too many people believe the fight for equality has been won, despite the wage gaps, sexual assault statistics, and domestic violence rates. This all relates to bike touring because many women simply don’t feel safe enough in our own country to bike tour self-supported in the United States. We do feel very vulnerable.

    Good luck in your bike tour preparations!


    PS shameless kickstarter plug: we have awesome prizes! Please donate! And it does go towards our documentary film supplies! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sun4rae/against-the-grind-introducing-feminism-to-bike-tou

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