A nice road ride, leaving from the House

One issue I am working on is how to transport my bike without removing my front fender. I think I have found a solution, but it is still pending. So, the trick today was to leave from our house in the Heights area of Houston and still get in a decent distance ride.

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s HOT in Houston. So, I left at 4:30 this morning. And did a quick 90 miles or so, returning at 11am. I got lost in Terry Hershey Park for about 20 mins. Considering the navigational issues and all the stop lights & stop signs, it wasn’t too bad of a ride. I am quite pleased with the bike routes put together by the city of Houston. All roads had manageable traffic and most had bike lanes (which I usually don’t ride in b/c of the debris and hazards, but they are a nice thought).

There is something to be said for riding away from the house and returning to the house on bike. Definitely beats putting bike on top of the car, driving somewhere, putting bike back together, riding and doing it all again to return home. A lot more of my rides will start and finish at the house now. And I am even thinking about putting together some permanents so I can count the miles with RUSA.

Link to my route from the Heights out west to Fulshear


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