Tri/TT Bikes soon to be on sale

Saturday is the inagural Ironman Texas.  I have very little interest in doing triathlons of any distance and thinking about the Ironman distance automatically extends my afternoon nap times by 2 hours.  But, I would like a tri/TT bike, so I am sure come Sunday, there will be plenty of nice bikes with 112 miles on them for sale.  It would be a bonus if I could score a matching helmet for the extra 2 mph boost matching garb and paint gives you.  I’m stalking you craigslist. 

This will be my father’s 22nd Ironman, and second this month.  Also, it will be my Aunt’s 1st Ironman since her cancer (she’s also the second oldest female).  So, go dad and Aunt Pat!

D got me a cowbell at the expo earlier this week.  So, I’ll be out ringing my cowbell all day Saturday.  If I can find a vuvuzuela between now and then, I will also have one of those to annoy people.


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