The Eagle has landed!!!

Well, Chris over at Circle A has finished my new steed. It arrived probably 4 weeks ago, but I finally got the fenders on tonight. I have a few things coming and few changes to make (like getting rid of that horrible bar tape and replacing with Brooks leather bar tape). I also have to cut cables so I break down and get into case (still haven’t tried to fit into the case yet).

Well, the Circle A is turning heads, and there will be plenty of posts on the components. For now, just take in these photos.


2 responses to “The Eagle has landed!!!

  1. I was directed to this site by a small, English-speaking Korean lady. I read the first five entries, and then looked at the pictures of the rest of them. It’s not really fair that you don’t get to be in any of the pictures, maybe make the bike take them of you next time. There’s no “I” in team.

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