Why I don’t do the MS 150

I had people ask me if I was doing the MS 150. The answer is, No. I don’t ride the MS 150, or any other “charity” ride for that matter. I especially will never do the Tour de Cure, as they left some litter on my car windshield.

Litter from Tour de Cure

Anyway, other than the Tour de Cure making me upset, here are the following reasons why I don’t do the MS 150:

1) Its dangerous. When I rode last year, I had more ambulances zoom by in one day than I have had during an entire week of RAGBRAI. So on and so forth. Anyone who says they feel safe riding around all those novice riders is lying to you.
2) Its expensive. I met a guy who could only raise $300 for them last year and the MS 150 told him he would never be able to ride again if he didn’t raise the extra money. He did what I would have done, “I just won’t ride again.”
3) Its not fun. I honestly didn’t enjoy it that much in 2010. Everyone’s serious and is wrapped up in the machismo of “going fast.” If I were to ever roll on the MS 150 again, I would sport a speedo with my company logo, I would load a BOB trailor with a stereo and mix maltodextrin on the side of the road while listening to Clapton’s cover of “Cocaine.” Not only would the ride marshalls and their fun sucking put a halt to my 2 wheeled fiesta, but I would most likely be out of a job the following Monday.

Since I mock the MS 150, I did the proper thing this last saturday, I sat on the couch catching up on my soap operas. Pppppfffttt…as if. I left Houston at about 2:30 am, drove up to Italy, TX and busted out a 300k in 13:43 minutes. I was actually feeling pretty good about my time, but then some show off rolled up about 15 minutes later finishing the 400k. He was actually pretty humble about it. Nevertheless, I’m still pretty satisfied with my 300k time, especially considering I rode most of the way by myself. And the Circle A performed flawlessly. I can actually spend some decent time in the drops. It’s nice.

Oh, and I’ve finished my Super Randonneur Series.

Below are some pictures I took during the ride. Hope you enjoy!

Sun Setting

The Circle A wanted a picture with Tony

Tony wasn't much for speaking, but he apparently loves eating saltines

Dead Cow on the side of the road

The Circle A and power plant near Jewett, TX

I just had to stop and look at the drilling rig!

A public hanging. I kept taunting them, but nothing happened.


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