“That’s why everyone hates bicycles.”

On my normal commuting route, I access downtown via Dallas St. The street is normally low to medium traffic, and even passes a junior high where the speed limit gets knocked down to 20 mph.

The other morning, I was riding along at about 20 mph through the school zone as cars passed me. No big deal, as they would receive the ticket if a cop was present. Just past the school, there is a stop light with hardly ever any traffic. In fact, one of the crossing streets is a one way. I went around the cars who passed me through the school zone (speeding) stopped at the red light, where a fat man on a scooter was sitting. No cars were seen at the intersection and the light was turning yellow, so I proceeded through the light. Fat Man on the motorcycle said something, I interpret the mumbling to be, “Obey the law man!”

Of course, Fat Man only issues his law abiding crusade as it applies to bicycles. He had no qualms with the speeding through the school zone, or it seemed the speed limit itself. Which made me think, how much time does this moron spend correcting every little law he sees every citizen break? For instance, does he correct every pedistrian who steps into the crosswalk when they aren’t suppose to? Or, what about cars parked on the city streets for more than 24 hours?

So, he speeds passed me in about 20 feet and yells, “That’s why everyone hates bicycles.” Fat Man apparently speaks for the entire population of Houston. Such hatred for a bicycle who did nothing unsafe. Or inconveinced Fat Man. Just a personal crusade and hatred rearing its ugly head.

It’s odd to complain about someone complaining about you breaking the law. I get it. But, this isn’t about laws being broken, it’s about a hatred towards bicycles. Otherwise, Fat Man and all the other inquisitors would be correcting every law being broken, which includes reading this while at work (unless, of course, you have scored some awesome job reading blogs that no one else reads).

Ride safe.


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