Shoving off!!

Well, I’ve got the big 600k ride this saturday. I would like to say I’m not nervous. Of course, I continue to read about it and the more I read, the more psych myself out. So…I’m trying to avoid this webpage, but it taunts me like a car accident on the side of the highway. I just can’t help but look.

I took a nice easy ride with a friend this past weekend. As you can see, he’s a huge Oklahoma State fan. Oh, did I say that? I meant: fan of the state of Oklahoma. It was a quick 34 or so miles. A lot of cyclists out and about. Nice to see so many people out. Beautiful weather….I can’t complain one bit.


In other news, I’m sad to report I will not be riding out on the 600k straddling my new Circle A. I partially blame a friend for her pessimistic realism. Either way, I can report the experience with Chris has been great. And he has been teasing me with pictures of the build.

Circle A

That’s right…S&S couplers, Sachs Nuovo Richie Lugs, True Temper OX Platinum Tubeset. The list goes on and on. And a paint job that “drops it like it’s hot.” That shall be a surprise.

I’ve also been busy picking out the components. Since I have no desire to win the Tour de France, I skipped the dura ace. The Circle A will sport a mashup of Ultegra brand stuff all the way to Tiagra to Velo-Orange’s Grand Cru. With some nitto thrown in for a good measure of retro grouchery. I tried to buy where quality actually matters and skimp where ever else I could (read: front derailleur).

The rear wheel came together sooner than I had wanted, but my old original wheel is about as straight as Richard Simmons in his dolfin shorts “sweatin’ to the oldies.”

This was the first wheel I ever built. I laced a Mavic Open Pro Ceramic to an Ultegra hub with Wheelsmith DB spokes. I will admit, I have horrible visions of my wheel collapsing and sending me endo. No better than my dreams of a spoke-less wobbly wheel. But, not everyone gets to say they had their wheel built by the world’s greatest engineer. I’d rather have the wheel build in his hand’s than some burnt out pot head at a bike shop or worse, a machine. I can, however, report the rear wheel is smooth and without any major problems. Of course, I did a horrible job dishing the wheel. It didn’t rub on the chainstays or anything, but there was hardly any braking power. I just iterated between bike and stand until I got it right. Maybe I’ll spill the cash for the dishing stick one day.

So, we head off to the land of the world’s greatest engineer’s high school. I’m quite excited to make the trip, but I will not get to catch up with any friends. Maybe one. I hope. And maybe I’ll stop by Elmer’s. ¡Mini Chimis!


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