Chappelle Hill Loop Permanent


Guess who was late to the start of their own perm?! This guy! So tough to get out of bed in the morning…

I arrived at Rattlers about 6:15 am. Only 15 minutes late. Of course, I still needed to get all my clothes on and get the bike ready. I left around 6:30, or shortly thereafter. This late thing always makes me worry about making the first control in time. And for good reason, I arrived to Independence with 6 minutes to spare. I started in the dark and absolutely freezing cold, but by the time I hit Independence, the sun was out and I welcomed the sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky today. In Independence, I shed my long sleeve, bright orange shirt with reflective tape and changed out the yellow lenses for some more suitable darker ones for the haul on over to Burton.

I have postulated that if you don’t know where the wind is coming from, that means you have a tailwind. Funny how we don’t notice the tailwind as much as we notice a headwind. By heading generally southwest from Independence towards Burton, I was straight into the wind for the most part. That wind is a cruel mistress. She wasn’t too strong today, but I would have preferred her to be out of my life completely. C’est la vie! (I just had to sneak something French in…)

When I arrived in Burton, there was a man who had some excellent BBQ going. At least it smelled excellent. I pushed onto Malloy’s, knowing better than to partake of some BBQ in the middle of a ride. Going to Malloy’s, there is a ridiculous hill that I detest very much. While climbing this foe, I gathered my thoughts about what I was going to do at the control for efficiency. Bathroom, Sprite, take picture of gas sign (it’s really an info control and you need to know the price of gas). I go to the door and it’s locked. “Be back in 5 minutes,” it says. I see the girl playing with a dog and smoking her cigarette. She sees me and continues on with her vice. I take my picture, fiddle around and wait. About 5 minutes later, she opens back up. I pee, get my Sprite (and corn nuts) and take off for the final leg.


The cruel mistress has now become a sweetheart. I’m cruising along pretty well heading east. There are still some pretty good sized rollers, a few which slow me down. But, for the most part, I’m rollin’. It feels nice to bask in the sun after such a miserable January.

I arrive in Chappell Hill at about 11:30. A lot of cyclists are just taking off. But, probably a smarter move. Such a wonderful day with the sun and “light” wind.

I tried a couple of new pieces of equipment out. First, I got some LG shoe covers. The best $30 I’ve spent in a long time. They kept my feet pretty warm. Nothing like the wool socks stuffed into my shoe which left my feet freezing and without feeling. My feet did get a bit nippy when approaching Independence, but it was in the upper 20’s when I started. I will add some chemical warmers to my kit.


I also used our Garmin GPS (GPSMap 60 CSx) for the first time to track a ride. I am quite happy with it and am looking for a mount for my bicycle. Too bad and Garmin Connect are not on the same page…here is a screen shot. Not sure if I spring for a PedalPower+ or EWERK, I’ll most likely end up carrying extra batteries. We’ll see how mapping the 400k ride goes next weekend.

And some Junior’s Smokehouse ribs for D and me. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm….



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