When Hell Freezes Over…


It’s been cold here in Houston. And here is a psuedo-frozen puddle of water to prove it!!!

My co-workers, and especially my boss, ask if I am still riding my bike. Of course. It’s $2/day to park, plus I have to walk about a quarter mile. I might as well bike. Of course, the winds have been brutal as I can’t seem to be able to find a tailwind.

I found a magic solution to all this sillyness in the cold. Merino Wool.


Nothing new here. Except I paid a whopping $6 for these bad boys, much better than the $70+ alternatives I found online. Thank you Salvation Army. I wear them right next to the skin and everything is perfect (a little itchy, but nothing that makes me uncomfortable). With my other 3 layers, I can testify I am comfortable down to the lower 20’s. None of my layers are cycling specific, so you don’t have to tap the HELOC to ride in the cold. In fact, my next layer on top of wool is a long john top, then a fleece my aunt got my years ago and the outer layer is my orange Dickie’s shirt worn for viability and not warmth.

And besides, it’s been a good 15 years since I have worn a medium. Makes me feel good.

Here’s to limited days of sub-freezing temperatures and to more mild 60 degree days. I won’t complain too much, as July will be here before we know it! But I would like to get that big, potted palm tree out of our kitchen.


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