“It’s OUR camera…”

This past weekend, I headed up to Austin to knock off my first 200k ACP brevet of the year.  I didn’t know what to expect, but their website said, “Rolling Hills.”  Even driving into where the ride started, I could tell I was going to be in some trouble.  Combine that with the rain, I was highly tempted to pack it up.  But, I had already spent $25 for a hostel stay the previous night, and there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money (and time) for nothing.  Besides, after attempting to sleep through all the hostel kiddos coming home at 2:30 am, I felt like I had earned it!

Independent of the rain and the hills I was not properly prepared for, the scenery was spectacular.  It even included a nice water crossing a few miles east of pedernales state park.  Pictures of this spectacular scenery you ask?!  Excellent question.  Well, when I was packing, I was looking for our camera.  But, after a few minutes I realized it was nowhere to be found in our house, but rather it was with Dayna in her purse.  When she finally got home, I said my goodbyes and rushed out the door to head to Austin, not remembering to ask her for our camera.  Nonetheless, maybe I can finally score a Canon G12 like I have always wanted…

Anyways, here is a map of the route in Austin. The guys in Austin were a great group. It was an excellent and humbling route that is good for me. Not to mention I got to hear an excellent dissertation about the French and their crepes. PBP is so close, you can smell it. And I wallow in the talk of Paris…like a pig in mud.

One ACP 200k down…a 300k, 400k and 600k left.


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